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Norton security vs Kaspersky « Software coupon codes and discounts up to 60%


Norton security vs Kaspersky

May 17, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Norton security vs Kaspersky

Norton security vs Kaspersky

We’re in the midst of 2016 and every major antivirus company is updating to the latest version. The two biggest names in digital protection are Norton and Kaspersky. Both companies have added a lot to their suites while lowering the price. It’s cheaper than ever to get dedicated, quality, protection from viruses and malware these days.

This comparison will look at Norton Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security to see which is better. Just like many other companies they no longer include the year in the name of their product. So unless we say otherwise everything we talk about is something in the current 2016 release that you can buy from the company website.


With more people entering the online world these days (an estimated 90% of households own at least one computer) the amount of knowledge that computer users has is varied and different people are at different skill levels.

In the case of people who are new to computers or are just not very tech savvy, the interface needs to be simple to navigate. If the people using the program are unable to effectively traverse the interface then the program isn’t going to give them all it offers. In the worst case scenario this can leave a machine unprotected when such a problem could be avoided by making the interface easier to use.

Norton and Kaspersky have both managed to modernise their user interfaces and improve them year by year. As a result it’s much easier for users to navigate the menus and use all the features no matter how much experience they have with using security software.

The user interfaces for both programs are functional and pleasing to the eye. Because they’ve both managed to do such a good job with their interfaces there is no clear cut winner in this department. There’s no need to think about the interface when making a decision between the two internet security suites.


Obviously the single most important aspect of a security suite is the ability to protect your computer in real time. A word of caution is that security suite manufacturers will often inflate their detection scores so if you want to know how well a product really performs you should use an independent testing facility.

When comparing the protection of Norton and Kaspersky the clear winner is always Norton. Norton has always been able to detect at least 90% of the threats during testing. This score is the best in the industry and is one of the major selling points of Norton.

Kaspersky is able to perform well and scores 80%. Both Norton and Kaspersky always top the charts for virus detection and protection and 2016 has been no different.

While it is true that Norton has better detection rates, Kaspersky comes with free malware removal tools. These tools are great if a system already has malware. One example of this is the TDSS Killer program. This program is designed to detect and remove any rootkits already present on a system. As there are too many people who don’t install antivirus protection until it’s too late it could potentially be much easier to install a product such as Kaspersky rather than Norton, or another product that doesn’t come with these security tools.


When talking about antivirus protection software performance is how well it is able to interact with your computer without slowing it down too much and affecting other processes and programs.

In terms of performance Kaspersky is a little better than Norton. Several users have found that Norton has more features, but that some of these are completely unnecessary. These features will slow down the computer Norton is installed on.

As new machines these days tend to have at least 6GB of RAM these performance issues are less of an issue than they used to be. You may still be troubled by them if you use resource heavy software such as video-editing programs or programs that work with 3D models.

Norton has been plagued by this reputation of being a resource hog for years. They’ve tried to increase the efficiency of their program but no matter what they do it remains the most resource heavy antivirus program around.

One step that Norton took to try and fix the issue was to introduce the Application Rating system. This shows a user the programs that are taking up too many of their resources and should be stopped. There is also a Startup Manager that shows you what programs run during startup and how they affect the boot up speed of your computer. Norton is also able to help you remove these programs to speed up your computer.

Kaspersky has always been resource light and shouldn’t produce any noticeable slowdown on your computer. So if you have a slightly older or slower computer you may want to invest in Kaspersky as it is less likely to affect your computer and the other programs you run.


While these programs are mostly for protecting you from online threats they also come with a host of other features. This includes things like firewalls and parental controls. The firewall of a licensed antivirus program is always more effective than the default one installed on your computer as part of the OS.

Kaspersky comes with the following key extra features:

  • Safe Money Technology that gives you extra protection when purchasing products online and other online transactions
  • Identity and Privacy Safeguards that use anti-phishing technology and a secure keyboard mode that protects your personal data from phishing scams and keyloggers
  • Dangerous Website Alerts that tell you how safe a website is – it also blocks potentially malicious sites for you
  • Trusted Applications Mode means that only applications that are safe can be run on the machine
  • Safe Social Networking protects you when using a social media site such as Facebook and Twitter – These platforms can be filled with malicious links and software that Kaspersky blocks

Norton comes with the following key extra features:

  • Insight Network – This combines information from over 175 million Norton users to detect a potential virus or threat before other antivirus programs recognise them
  • SONAR Behavioral Protection uses algorithms to check files and is often able to detect a virus or malware before it becomes officially identified
  • Parental Controls protect your children when they are online and also applies computer usage limits for when you let your children use the internet unsupervised
  • Identity Safe stores your passwords for you securely so that you don’t have to enter them manually when visiting websites
  • Intelligent 2-Way Firewall protects your computer from outside threats while also checking your outgoing data for any suspicious activity

These are just some of the features that each product uses. If you want to find a full list of all the features you can find it at the respective website for each suite.


The antivirus industry is a competitive one with companies constantly attempting to undercut eachother or add value to their products. Part of the reason for this is that users don’t understand how some of the more advanced antivirus features benefit them. If they don’t understand what the product really does they tend to shop by price rather than by features offered in the suite.

You can currently purchase Norton at $79.99 for 5 devices. On the other hand Kaspersky Internet Security is going for $79.99 for 3 devices. Kaspersky say that this is a $20 saving off of the regular retail price of $79.99 that is usually on Kaspersky.

If you want to get your internet security a little cheaper then both manufacturers make their product cheaper through affiliate marketing. Having said all this though the price is very good value considering all the features that are packed into those $50. Check our Kaspersky and Norton deals for better discount.

Conclusion: Norton vs Kaspersky

Honestly it’s difficult to compare Kaspersky and Norton and choose one that is better. Both of them have been rated among the best internet security suites on the market. One thing to consider is the age of your machine and how well it performs. If you use resource heavy programs or have an older machine then Kaspersky would be the right choice as it uses less resources. Kaspersky can be found for a good price in most places.

For almost everyone else Norton manages to just get ahead because of the powerful virus detection and slightly lower prices.

No matter which antivirus program you go with don’t forget to turn on automatic updates so that your virus definitions are up to date. This ensures that your program will continue to protect you for the duration of your internet security subscription.