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Norton combines all features into the one product – Norton Security. « Software coupon codes and discounts up to 60%


Norton combines all features into the one product – Norton Security.

December 17, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Backup software

Norton Security Premium
Norton Security Premium

Norton Security Premium

In the earlier days, Symantec’s brand of Norton security software had some really confusing set of products. Do some of you remember Norton 360, Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton Anti-Virus, and Norton Internet Security, and how hard it was to choose the right product for your needs, and with the best price too? The good news is, things have changed and now, Symantec offers just a single piece of software called, Norton Security. This newest product combines the features and tools from the previous packages into one product.

Those interested in security for multiple devices along with a variety of Windows tools, would love Norton Security. For a mere $49.99 a year, this Deluxe version will give you protection for up to five devices on OS X, Windows, Android, or iOS.

For $44.99 a year, you can get a Standard version, protecting a single PC or Mac. However, I think that it is worth paying the extra $5 for the Deluxe version.

Then there is a Premium version for $69.99 that will give you 25GB of cloud-based storage, parental controls, and protection for up to 10 devices.

Like other security suites, Norton’s Mac version is also very basic. The iOS version is same as Mac, but the security software seems to be perfect with Android. Undoubtedly, the Window’s version is the star performer when it comes to protection.


The Windows version of Norton Security goes an extra mile beyond security to include performance tools such as a startup manager, disk optimizer and file cleanup. Presented everything in a main interface with four large icons, the security package represents the main features of the software: Performance, Identity, Security and More Norton, which allows you to install Norton on other devices (by emailing a download link), and display their status.

Despite it’s being straight forward, I found the interface a bit confusing. First, I couldn’t figure out how to get down to the tools in each feature. For example, by clicking the Performance, I sure got the information about when my PC was last cleaned up and optimized, but I was unable to locate any Norton’s performance tools.

After trials and errors, I found out that to get the tools associated with each of the four categories, you need to first highlight the icon, and then click a down arrow on the right side of the main screen. By doing that, I found a whole bunch of tools. For example, under Performance, the tools such as disk optimizer, file cleanup, startup manager, and graphs will trace your PC’s current CPU usage and its activity over time, including download history, installs, malware detections, virus scans, optimizations, and alerts.

If you want to customize your security, Advanced Security would be your best bet. Click on the down arrow mentioned earlier, to get to that. Here you’re allowed some options. For example, turn on or off firewall, email/browser protections, etc.

Features included in the Identity category are: Identity Safe password manager; Password Generator; Safe Web, which checks internet sites to make sure they’re safe (this is switched on by default), and an anti-phishing feature (also switched on by default).

In the olden days, many of you have experienced system resource drainage by Norton security products. However, they have improved over time. I particularly found this newest version lighter on my machine than the previous. According to Symantec, Norton security software uses 20% less memory during scan, and takes up a smaller malware definition size than their earlier counterparts.

Norton Studio Windows 8 app specially has been developed for Windows 8 users to display the security status of your devices. A snapshot of the most recent Norton activity on each device shows the results of scans, any malware found, and phishing sites encountered and blocked. However, you can’t perform scans or customize your security like the desktop version of Norton. This, you’ll use once and that’s it.


If you’re looking for a basic security for your Mac, Norton Security would be just fine. If you want anything more, such as Windows-like performance tools, you’ll be disappointed. However, other than that, the Mac version seems to parallel the Windows version pretty closely. You’ll see large icons presenting each of the application’s main features: Scans, Security, LiveUpdate, Advanced and Add Devices.

Security gives you the results of your most recent scans, Scans asks Norton to perform a scan, LiveUpdate gives you the update status of malware signatures, allowing you to update them, Advanced lets you customize how the program works, and Add Devices allows you to install Norton on other devices.

One good thing about the Mac’s interface is that like the Windows version, you won’t have to look for the small down arrow on the right side of the screen.

Mac’s version comes with the full security protection tools: firewall, phishing-blocking, anti-virus, and identity protection. As with the Windows version, you can switch on and off various features, and each feature includes levels of protection. For example, using the firewall, you can make different settings for the different networks to which your Mac connects.

As a short summary I can say that although it would’ve been nice to have some performance tools, I found the Mac version simple and intuitive.